Artificial Greens for Every Occasion in Toronto

The Southwest Greens Ontario Difference

Southwest Greens Ontario is the global leader and ultimate turnkey construction company in creating and integrating top-of-the-line artificial turf systems supported by the biggest flooring manufacturer across the globe — Shaw Industries. Our synthetic grass systems are methodically constructed in the United States to simulate the true look, feel, and performance of natural grass. Regardless of the climate, a skillfully installed synthetic turf will outdo natural grass every year. We’re proud of our people, our heritage, and our ability to serve you.
01: Turf Fiber

Extruded, recycled plastics come in a variety of constructions, colors and lengths.

02: Infill

Integral to the turf system, infill is comprised of rounded washed silica. Infill provides ballast, aids drainage and can cool surface temperatures

03: Backing

Artificial turf is made by sewing the fiber through two layers of backing. The backing in turn is coated with high grade polyurethane to protect the stitches

04: Aggregate Base

Stone is applied on top of the subgrade (ground) to aid in drainage and provide a properly constructed surface. It is essential that the aggregate be formed and compacted to proper depths. For golf applications especially a second shaping aggregate is added to create undulations and breaks

05: Subgrade

Depending upon where you live, the ground may vary from sand to clay and rock. Properly installed synthetic turf takes this into account, with a base designed to facilitate proper drainage

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