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If you are part of the golfing community in Oakville, you know that there is almost never a bad time to be working on your short game.  But since you can’t always get away to go to your favourite golf course, it’s nice that there are options to bring the course to you. At Southwest Greens, we offer best in class design and quality when it comes to outdoor and indoor putting greens. In fact, many of the top athletes in the PGA and LPGA have our greens installed in their homes!

Whether you are considering your own private putting green for your home, or something a bit larger for your commercial property, rest assured that you are getting the best in durability and playability when you work with Southwest Greens.

What makes us top quality?

Our synthetic golf greens are known for their high quality and ability to mimic the golf course experience. We have partnered with Nicklaus Design to help ensure that our configurations are both unique and well-suited to your particular landscape. They can range in size between 500 and 5000 square feet.

Extremely durable, our greens will hold up to even the worst winters in Oakville with buckling or folding, and they are UV resistant so they won’t get faded or begin to look “fake” over time. Our crews ensure that they are beautifully and expertly installed.

Indoor putting greens

For those who don’t want to let a little (or a lot of) bad weather stop them from practicing their putt, we also offer indoor greens with custom fringes and pin placemats. Be the envy of all your friends by having one of these high-quality golf greens in your family or games room – or be the boss of the year by installing one in your office.

For larger businesses such as hotels, resorts or shopping malls, these also make a great draw for customers.

Portable options

For companies that participate in trade shows or other special events, Southwest Greens also offers portable putting greens. Not only are these completely customizable to suit your needs but the extremely durable “Tour Links” bases are up to the challenge of regular disassembling, transporting, and reassembling. 

Don’t use a cheaply made golfing green from the local hobby shop for your trade show booth. These can often degrade quickly and might not leave the positive impression that you're hoping to make with your putting contest. Instead, get something that is customized and truly high quality that will stand out in the minds of potential new clients.

Many golfers in Oakville dream of having their own putting green – but this doesn’t have to be a dream for you, it can be a reality. Imagine being able to practice your putt whenever you like on the same type of synthetic greens used by the pros! Whether your needs are for residential or commercial; outdoor or indoor; permanent or portable, Southwest Greens has the customized solution for you. Contact Southwest Greens to schedule your free consultation.

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