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Muskoka is famous for having some of the most beautiful golf courses in Ontario, attracting many an avid golfer to choose the area as home. But since you can’t always get out to the golf course whenever you like, it’s nice to have your very own putting green where you can practice your short game. And if you’re looking for the best, then look no further than Southwest Greens. We offer high-quality artificial turf that allows you to practice your put whenever the mood strikes.

We provide many options for both residential and commercial use.

When quality matters

Since installing your own personal putting green can be quite a commitment, you want assurance that you are getting a product that is both high quality and durable. That’s why we make our putting greens to simulate a real golf course experience as quickly as possible. In fact, at Southwest Greens, our level of quality is so high that our products are endorsed by PGA and LPGA stars.

Durability is also a key factor when choosing your putting greens. In addition to looking and feeling completely natural, our artificial turf is also tough enough to stand up everything that Muskoka weather can throw at it. This turf is UV resistant, so it won’t fade from exposure to the sun – it’s also very strong, so no need to worry about what the harsh Canadian winters might do to it.

In short, your putting green will look and play great for years to come.

Award winning design

Southwest Greens partnered with Nicklaus Design in 2004 in an effort to equip our customers with not only the best putting surface but also the best putting green design. This has allowed us to create fully customized greens and fringes to appease even the most discriminating of golfers. Our designs vary greatly in size (500 square feet to 5000 square feet) depending on your unique needs.

Outdoor and indoor options

Southwest Greens putting greens make a great addition to any yard or outdoor space. Our crews will expertly install your greens, so you can be confident of having a smooth and realistic playing surface.

We also provide indoor solutions for those who wish to work on their game year-round. Indoor putting greens are also custom made and come equipped with fringe and pin placemats. They can be installed by us, or we can provide you with an installation kit.

Portable options

Do you need a putting green that can travel with you from place to place? Tradeshows perhaps? With our unique “Tour Links” portable bases, you can have a fully customized portable putting green that is easy to assemble and dissemble whenever you need it. This is a wonderful way to make your exhibitor booth stand out from the competition.

Regardless of what your needs are when it comes to putting greens, Southwest Greens has the solution to suit your needs. We offer indoor, outdoor and portable greens custom made for you. Contact us today and learn why golf lovers across Muskoka come to us for putting greens.

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