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If you eat, sleep and breathe golf, then what could be better than having your very own putting green just steps outside (or inside if you prefer) your Mississauga home or place of business? At Southwest Greens, we understand that for golf enthusiasts any time is a good time to brush up on their putting skills. That’s why we offer a variety of custom synthetic golf greens for our customers to perfect their short game.

We have provided quality putting greens to a wide variety of homes, hotels, and other businesses.

Top quality you can count on

If you want artificial turf that simulates a golf course experience, you’re not going to get that from just anyone – you need to work with trusted professionals like those at Southwest Greens. Our turf so precisely duplicates the golf course experience that we are contracted and endorsed by top PGA and LPGA athletes.

Our greens are durable and UV light resistant which means that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Best-in-class design

One thing that sets the best golf courses apart from the others is the attention to detail that went into their design. It is much the same with our putting greens.

Southwest Greens is partnered with Nicklaus Design, which means you can have expertly customized greens ranging in size from 500 square feet to 5000 square feet.

Outdoor and indoor options available

We provide both outdoor and indoor putting greens tailored to your specific needs.

Our outdoor greens are customized to work with your particular landscape whether it happens to be a large commercial lot or a backyard with limited space. Our experts install the green so that it can stand up to anything our Mississauga weather can throw at it. Resistant to UV rays, our greens will never fade in the hot sun either.

If an indoor green is your preference so that you can practice your putt year round, you’ll be happy to know that we can provide that too. Our custom indoor putting greens come complete with pin placemats and fringe. This makes a great addition to any family room, office or storefront.

Portable greens

Customized portable greens are also available. These are especially useful for an organization that attends trade shows or hosts special events in which they wish to have putting contests.

Don’t take a chance on cheap putting turf from the local game shop that falls apart or folds after a few uses. The durable “Tour Links” bases are easily disassembled, transported and reassembled to provide a quality experience every time.

If you love golf as much as we do, then nothing beats having your very own putting green to practice on. And if you’re going to have your own green, then doesn’t it make sense to get it from the company trusted by professional golfers? Whether you’re looking to outfit your backyard or a larger commercial space, we can help. Find out what other golf enthusiasts in Mississauga already know – contact Southwest Greens today to schedule a consultation.

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