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Artificial Grass Lawns

facebook iconSynthetic grass lawns are easy to maintain and are aesthetically pleasing. No matter the time of year, synthetic grass will simulate the look and feel of perfect natural grass while providing a more durable, softer grass that performs at all times.

Synthetic Grass Landscaping

On the contrary, maintaining a lawn can be an expensive, labour intensive process. Natural grass lawns require frequent mowing, rolling, raking, edging, fertilizing and weeding to maintain a green, healthy-looking lawn. Regardless of effort level, weather patterns and wear and tear can leave your labour-intensive lawn looking much less than its best. Let Southwest Greens provide the synthetic grass solution to your lawn challenges through our latest technology.

We service for installing and maintaining artificial grass lawns in all areas of South West Ontario such as Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton, Waterloo, Muskoka and more!

Southwest Greens' newest synthetic grass product innovations "BOLT", a patented fiber technology which brings together the best attributes of grass - aesthetics and durability. Bolt's performance grade fibers are so durable that they exceed the most stringent industry requirement for simulated wear by two times.

Having synthetic grass turf will drastically reduce the time and resources spent on maintenance and water costs. If you are tired of the constant "critter damage," weeds and watering choose Southwest Greens’ synthetic grass and you’ll be left with a perfect property that can stand up to heat, cold, moisture, or whatever else nature has to offer.

In addition, Southwest Greens has created the Hydrochill Evaporative Cooling System, an exclusive technology that will keep your synthetic grass lawn Cool even on the Hottest Days!

Reasons to choose Southwest Greens' Synthetic Landscape Grasses and artificial grass lawns:

  • "Green" Alternative that reduces water costs and eliminates fertilizers
  • 100% recyclable
  • Children and pet friendly
  • Bolt Fiber technolgy, durability and natural look
  • Hydrochill Evaporative Cooling system option
  • Ideal in high traffic areas
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Expert Installation
  • warranty and customer satisfaction

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