Quality, Maintenance-Free Synthetic Turf

Artifical lawns made from our synthetic turf have several advantages.

Most importantly Southwest Greens artifical lawns are ideal for meeting the demands of homeowners and businesses without continual maintenance of a natural lawn, in all weather conditions!

Secondly synthetic lawns look and perform great 24-7 all year long! They require minimal maintenance so that means no watering, mowing, or fertilizing. And because artificial grass requires no watering you'll save on water bills. Southwest Greens patented Bolt Fiber technology provides the best attributes of grass- aesthetic and durability. With it's bolt-shaped angles it reflects light for a lower lustre natural looking lawn. Call Southwest Greens today, and don't forget to ask about our backyard fake lawns or indoor Toronto putting greens.

What are the advantages of synthetic grass lawns? Artificial grass from Southwest Greens Ontario has many advantages including:

  • A perfect look year-round regardless of weather
  • No maintenance required
  • Save on water and fertilizing bills
  • Ideal for pets and children, completely heavy metal free
  • Ideal for terraces, patio's and roof tops
  • 100% recyclable
  • Exclusive Shaw patented Bolt fiber technology

Have the finest yard in the neighborhood with one of our Synthetic turf fake lawns. And while you're here learn more about our indoor or backyard putting greens.

Synthetic grass lawns are perfect for those living in extreme weather conditions. Regardless of the weather your synthetic lawn will remain beautiful and perform ideally year around! It's durability due to our Performance grade "BOLT" fibers exceed industry wear standards by two-times.

Inquire about Our exclusive Southwest Greens Shaw synthetic grass that features our latest Blend colour with brown thatch that resembles our Ontario natural grass perfectly! Your neighbours won't know the differnece!

If you have those hard to grow area's, seeded several times and nothing will grow choose Southwest Greens Ontario Artificial grass it is always green and pristine no matter the time of year, and is virtually maintenance free. It has the look and feel of Southern Ontario grass. Your only job is to enjoy it! Isn't it time you made yard work a thing of the past? Do so by learning more about synthetic turf from Southwest Greens Ontario.

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