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Commercial Applications for Artificial Grass

Success comes in many forms, but the bottom line is a cost-effective product that delivers outstanding results year over year.

Southwest Greens shares your drive to excel and is the value leader in commercial artificial grass. Highly engineered, our products are cost effective, environmentally sustainable and, well, just look great. While we are known for our roots in the golf industry - where we deliver exceptional residential and professional greens - businesses and homeowners alike have driven a new demand for synthetic turf solutions that are cost effective, sustainable and fashionable.

Dependable and Cost Efficient.

Your business demands focus and Southwest Greens allows you to keep an eye on customers—not landscaping problems. Buy-back for synthetic turf is typically two to three years; factor in watering, mowers, fertilizers, patch and repair and you understand why we value easy. Return on investment is more than simple numbers, keep in mind that your customer appreciates sensible, attractive qualities too and you’ll understand why more and more people are turning to synthetic turf.

Built of recycled content and 100% recyclable, our commercial artificial grass product is a clear winner. Once installed, our fake grass naturally sheds pet waste, doesn’t place a demand on local water tables and eliminates the mowing, noise and debris associated with traditional grass. Did we mention that lawn chemicals are eliminated as well? Our parent company Shaw Industries is an environmental leader, pioneering processes to steward resources. Green initiatives are more than a fad in today’s business landscape. Synthetic turf offers LEEDS credits—building your credibility and improving your margins. Architects recognize the value of synthetic turf options: the HydroChill™ cooling option you can also lower UHI and increase comfort levels in naturally occurring ways.

Beautiful Synthetic Turf Aesthetics.

Front door appeal is essential to business and synthetic turf delivers the right message. Southwest Greens offers over thirty grass products designed to suit your region and harmonize with your landscape.  The number of commercial uses for Southwest Greens’ artificial turf is limited only by your imagination. Among some of the more popular uses are:

  • Hotel Entrances – Being that the entrance is the first chance a hotel has to make a good impression on its guests, having an immaculate entrance is of utmost importance. With Southwest Greens completely natural looking turf, green spaces surrounding the entrance are always perfectly manicured and free of weeds.
  • Common Spaces – Commercial common spaces are typically areas where co-workers and friends can get together during lunch breaks and other times for a little relaxation. Green spaces help provide the ideal atmosphere for relaxation, and our maintenance free turf means that building managers can relax as well.
  • Corporate Putting Green Amenities – More and more business owners are realizing that providing space for their employees to let off steam and have a little fun is not merely a nice perk – but it actually improves productivity when they are on the job. Southwest Greens provides high quality indoor and outdoor putting greens that your team is sure to love.
  • Mall Spaces – Malls utilize green spaces both indoors and out, but using real grass can be costly and require a lot of maintenance. Artificial turf from Southwest Greens can help create a much-needed oasis for tired shoppers.

With our professional artificial grass installation services, year over year our turf will ensure that your business looks good. Hotel entrances, common spaces, corporate putting green amenities and mall spaces are just a few areas that more and more businesses are addressing with synthetic turf. Hassle-free aesthetics ensure that your first impression with customers is the right one.

We provide commercial artificial grass services in Ontario including following cities: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville,  Burlington, Waterloo, and Muskoka. For more information on our commercial synthetic turf applications, please view our brochure.

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