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If you’re the kind of person who believes that there’s no such thing as too much golf, then you have probably dreamt of getting your own putting green. But why didn’t you? Did you think it was too expensive or too difficult? We at Southwest Greens would like to show you that having your very own putting green at your Caledon residence or place of business can be easier than you think.

If you’d like to be able to work on your short game regardless of whether or not you can make it out to the links, then we invite you to explore what is possible with synthetic golf turf from Southwest Greens.

Our company has provided beautiful, high quality putting greens for many homes, hotels and other commercial properties.

Quality you can trust

If you’re going to make the effort of investing in a synthetic putting green, you may as well choose the one that is endorsed by some of the top PGA and LPGA stars. Our greens so closely simulate a true golf course experience that our products can be found at the homes of many professional golfers.

Additionally, since they are constructed of extremely durable materials, they will not be damaged by the elements or fade with the sun.

Best-in-class design

In addition to offering an extremely realistic playing surface, Southwest Greens offers designs that you are sure to love. In 2004, we partnered with Nicklaus Design in order to offer our Caledon customers expertly customized designs between 500 and 5000 square feet.

Practice your putt outdoors or indoors

Southwest Greens offers putting solutions for both outdoor and indoor play. Whether you envision a backyard retreat where you can be left in solitude and the zen of the putt, or whether you are looking to create a recreational area at your place of business and earn the title boss of the year, we’ll customize a solution just for you.

Indoor putting greens are ideal for those who don’t want to let a little thing like three feet of snow or hurricane force winds deter them from brushing up on their game. These come complete with custom fringe and placemat pins.

Both our outdoor and indoor putting greens are expertly installed – or if you’re the DIY type, we can provide you with the installation kit.

Portable putting greens

If you’re looking for a putting green option that is portable for trade shows or other special events, then we have the solution for that as well. Don’t risk making a poor impression on your customers with a cheap carpet green that buckles and folds. Our custom portable greens use durable “Tour Links” bases that are easy to disassemble and reassemble whenever you need them.

So whether you’re an avid golfer who want to be able to practice day and night with your very own putting green or whether you have a commercial application to reward employees or treat your customers, you can count on Southwest Greens to provide the artificial green that is perfect for you. Find out why so many Caledon golfers trust us for their putting green needs.

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