Tearing up the Green at Glen Abbey

When the Canadian Open begins on July 20, dozens of golfers will be tearing up the natural green at Glen Abbey. Many of these golfers have perfected their game on artificial turf.

The Canadian Open is part of the triple crown of national golf championships. Running from July 20- 26, this tournament will host some the world’s best golfers and this year, 22 of them will be Canadian.  This will be Glen Abbey’s 27th year to host the national championship tournament and it’s a favourite among locals and tourists. Throughout Glen Abbey's tenure as the host of the Canadian Open, the game of golf has remained the same. Through the years however, many factors have revolutionized the canvas. Artificial turf is one of these.

Why are golfers able to train all year long on artificial tee lines and putting greens, only to play the biggest tournaments on natural grass? Because artificial turf behaves just like the real thing, without all the maintenance, cost and vulnerability of natural grass.

While the home of the Canadian Open in Oakville boasts natural grass practice facilities, it’s the artificial turf alternative that keeps the customers swinging during a downpour. Artificial turf is commonly used in all kinds of golf applications. From tee lines, to the putting green, artificial turf gives golfers all over the world an equal opportunity to be the best they can be. Artificial turf will not be drowned out by rain, ravished by heat or torn up by the hundreds of golf swings it must endure. 

In co-ordination with the best golfers and engineers in the industry, golf course applications of artificial turf deliver both a beautiful and low maintenance alternative. With the ever increasing use of artificial turf on golf courses, design options have expanded and your favourite hole has no doubt been made possible by the creative nature that artificial turf affords. Glen Abbey utilizes artificial turf in some tee lines, putting greens and even some of the mounds. Though steeped in tradition and history, the design of Glen Abbey is arguably, not ranked high among golf courses architecturally. These beautiful and low maintenance surfaces found at places like Glen Abbey, are giving some of the best courses in the world, a run for their money.

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