Synthetic Turf for your Home

Synthetic lawns are easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. No matter the time of year, synthetic grass will simulate the look and feel of natural grass while providing a more durable, softer grass that performs at all times.With more realistic-looking options than ever before, synthetic turf can be a boon. 

Artificial grass has moved beyond baseball fields and has become common in home landscapes. This material makes sense in many home applications and even solves some landscaping problems that frustrate so many of us. Is synthetic turf right for your house? I’ll share with you the many advantages of artificial turf.

The most obvious advantages is that turf requires no mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing or pesticides. It will reduce your water bill and it maintains its great look year-round. There are also natural-looking kinds available today, sometimes making it impossible to spot the difference between artificial turf and real grass unless inspected at close range.

Let’s expand on the advantages of having artificial grass, focusing on the most common benefits, such as:

  • No Mowing: Mowing your lawn takes time and energy and is one of the most hated chores a homeowner has. With artificial turf you won’t need your mower any longer. Now you can spend the extra time on weekends actually enjoying your lawn with your loved ones.
  • No Watering: A grass lawn requires regular watering, usually first things in the morning or later in the evening. The only water required for artificial turf is for the occasional cleaning. So turf is a great option for water conservation and reduced water bills.
  • Lack of Weeds: Weeds might be the single biggest frustration facing homeowners and their yards. There are hundreds of different species of weed (crabweed, dead nettle, black medic and more) and weed control takes time and money. Weeds with artificial turf happens much less frequently than with natural grass.
  • No Fertilizers or Pesticides: Artificial lawns always look lush and green and have no need for fertilizers to accomplish that. By avoiding pesticides, you will help the environment and decrease the use of toxic chemicals.
  • Durability: Once installed, there is no worry about the wear and tear for many years. Turf is made to last and withstands all kinds of climates and foot traffic. 
  • Child Safe: With the absence of weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals, your turf is safe and suitable for your children. 


Every homeowner has dreams of a backyard with lush green grass. Nothing can be better than spending quality time with friends and family in your backyard. But with natural grass, that lush green grass usually requires lots of money, time and effort. One of the main factors that gave birth to artificial turf. The biggest difference is that it doesn’t require any daily maintenance. And it resembles natural grass exactly. 

Southwest Greens newest synthetic grass product innovations “BOLT”, a patented fiber technology which brings together the best attributes of grass. Bolt’s performance grade fibers are so durable they exceed the most stringent industry requirement for simulated wear by two times.

In addition, Southwest Greens has created Hydrochill Evaporative Cooling System, an exclusive technology that keeps your synthetic grass lawn cool even won the hottest days of summer.  

Choose Southwest Greens Synthetic Landscape Grasses because it’s 100% recyclable, a “green” alternative, children and pet friendly, ideal in high traffic areas, ease of maintenance and expert installation. 

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