Practice Putting All Year Round with our Indoor Putting Green

As the weather starts to cool down, many avid golfers reluctantly retire their clubs to the basement or garage to sit and collect dust over the winter. But just because your local golf courses might be closing for the season is no reason to stop working on your game. If you love golf as much as we do, then why not invest in an indoor putting green from Southwest Greens Ontario?

The details

Many sports equipment stores offer their version of a putting green which is actually not much more than a carpet with a golf cup placed inside. While this may do the trick for a contest at a tradeshow booth, it’s not exactly something you’d expect to create any real positive change in your short game.

The custom indoor putting greens created by Southwest Greens on the other hand are built and installed professionally and come complete with a custom fringe and pin placements. We’ve even designed and created golf greens for some of the PGA Tour’s top players! Of course, if you’d prefer a more ready made solution, we can provide putting surfaces that you can have our crew install for you – or if you prefer, install it yourself.

Imagine having the guys over for Sunday’s big game and spending half-time having a friendly putting competition.

Our greens are not only professional grade, but they are portable too – featuring “Tour Links” modular and portable bases. Bases are extremely durable and weather resistant and are available in a number of configurations. The greens are made from commercial grade nylon for a perfect golf green surface every time.

Where can you install your new indoor golf green?

Our golf greens can be installed anywhere you’d like to practice your putt. Family and games rooms are popular spots but they can also be great for office environments if you’d like to give your employees a place to de-stress. Or why not turn part of your waiting room or reception area into a putting green? Your customers won’t mind the wait nearly as much if they get to practice on the same kind of green as the professionals do! And it sure beats trying to feign interest in an outdated magazine!

Using putting greens in a corporate setting can be a great way to set yourself apart and make your competition green with envy.

And a word about trade shows

Finally, while you’re looking into more professional options for your own indoor putting green, why not look at some more professional options for special events and trade shows. Why use that roll out golf carpet thing from the sporting goods store when you can get a professional temporary indoor green custom built just for you?

If you’re not content to wait out the winter while your short game gets rusty; or if you’d like to leverage all the great publicity and marketing opportunities you can get from having your own indoor golf green in your place of business, then contact us today for a consultation.

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