Pet Friendly Artificial Turf - Benefits of Synthetic Turf

If you love to see the family dog laying under your favourite tree but don't like the mess that your beloved pet leaves in your back yard, synthetic turf is for you. Your dog might be at the top of his game when it comes to marking its turf, but artificial turf is great at unmarking it.

Damaged Grass

Pet urine can cause your grass to burn and die off. If you have a backyard that is spotted, you know the damage that urine can do to a yard. Synthetic turf provides excellent drainage, ensuring your pet odours are washed away. With synthetic turf, urine simply drains off through holes and proper grading, leaving your lawn no worse for wear. If your dog is a digger, synthetic turf will likely cure this. No more unsightly holes and displaced dirt. Most dogs will find a new hobby with synthetic turf. The chipmunks and squirrels will follow suit.

Consider the health of your dog

Negatively affecting your dog's health are ticks and fleas. These hazards simply don't exist with synthetic turf. Your dog will no longer be bringing these pests to your home.

Also creating a healthier outdoor environment for your dog is the lack of pesticides and fertilizers on the very surface they enjoy the most. 

Eliminate Mess

After a good rain, your dog is sure to track in all kinds of mud, but with synthetic turf, that mess is eliminated. If you are the owner of a dog run or shelter, you know the mess that quickly develops as the natural grass is destroyed under the paws of your pup. Add a little rain, and you've got a big muddy puddle and not a whole lot of grass. This common problem will be a thing of the past with synthetic turf.

Synthetic turf can be used in all kinds of applications. If your budget doesn't provide you with the ability to replace your entire lawn, consider a smaller surface. Synthetic turf can be used in many different ways that will enhance the life of your yard and pet. Aside yards, here are a few places that can benefit from synthetic turf.

  • dog runs
  • dog parks
  • kennels
  • shelters
  • boarding facilities
  • the cottage
  • balconies
  • terraces

Save Time and Money

Think of the money you'll save without all of the cost of maintenance that natural grass involves. Year after year, the cost of a natural lawn builds up, while the initial cost of synthetic turf is well behind you. Your synthetic turf continues to look as good as the day you installed it. All that savings equals a whole lot of bones for your dog. Synthetic turf mimics the feel and texture of natural grass without all the labour of maintaining a natural lawn. Like all synthetic turf, there is no mowing, seeding, fertilizing, or weeding.

Synthetic turf will provide a beautiful outdoor space for you and your dog to enjoy, and will give you a lot of time back. Time you can spend with your beloved pet in a rousing game of fetch.

If you've come to the conclusion that synthetic turf is for you, contact us and our team of professionals will be ready to help.

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