How to Keep Your Pool Free From Grass Once and For All

What is the most hated job among all of your pool maintenance jobs? It's skimming the pool. It's the job you will find yourself doing most often and it soon becomes clear that grass is the enemy.

If you own an onground or an inground, pool, blades of grass are a common sight in your crystal clear pool water. There is a permanent solution to this problem and one that is increasing in popularity.

Synthetic Grass Can Be Your Saviour

Synthetic grass will not, no matter how strong the wind, end up in your pool.

Real grass, however, will find its way into your pool in many ways:

  • Freshly cut grass will inevitably find its way into the pool. All the raking, leaf blowing and sweeping in the world will not stop this event.
  • Grassy feet, unless your entire backyard is filled by the pool, will always be stepping on the lawn only to track that grass in with their cannonball.
  • Pets and other creatures enjoy a refreshing dip, and they will track grass into the pool.
  • Weather will bring grassy content onto the surface of your pool. Rains and high wind will ensure that anything that isn't tied down lands in your pool.

Synthetic grass eliminates grass around the pool, therefore, limiting the problem of grass getting into your pool. Synthetic grass looks and feels like the real thing. Once synthetic grass is installed around a pool you'll find yourself having more time to better enjoy your pool. Synthetic grass will eliminate the need for:

  • mowing
  • edging
  • raking
  • sweeping
  • fertilizing
  • weeding

Synthetic grass is virtually maintenance-free. Synthetic grass simulates the look, feel, and performance of natural grass. It is great for high traffic areas like those around the pool, or for the pool area that is hard to access with a mower. Synthetic grass will ensure that you will never have to deal with brown, dried out, dead grass again.

Our lawns can undermine our efforts to keep a beautiful pool. Likewise, your pool can negatively affect the health and look of our lawns. Saltwater pools can kill off the root system of just about anything green. Grass is no different. Many lawns have suffered damage from that weekly backwash of the pool.

Chlorine water can burn grass and isn't healthy for our pets who spend a great deal of time on our lawns.

Replacing your lawn with artificial grass will eliminate all of these problems. Synthetic grass will have both your lawn and pool looking better than ever and have your jealous neighbours wondering how you do it.

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