Golf Practice Facilities

There is a new era of golf practice facilities that is starting to explode across the globe. Many courses are beginning to view their ranges as more than just driving ranges. Most people don’t have the time to play a full round in a day. Some might only fit in a couple of rounds a season. The better facilities are offering a practice range that appeals to golfers and members looking to keep their game sharp without having to give up 6 hours of their day. This increased traffic puts additional stress on the practice facility and adds stress to the superintendents and grounds crew that have to maintain the area. 

Southwest Greens is the perfect solution for practice facilities and ranges. Southwest Greens offers a consistent product with very little maintenance for the staff. We offer the perfect solution to your growing concerns. Our products withstand that increase in foot traffic and continue to deliver great greens for your customer and member base.

Southwest Greens is Ontario’s leading supplier of ARTIFICIAL GRASS and PREMIUM SYNTHETIC TURF PRODUCTS. Synthetic turf is uniquely formed to withstand foot traffic and deliver great looking lawns and greens year after year. Virtually maintenance free, they are a smart solution to the frequent hassle of landscaping. No mowing. No watering. No lawn pests. We are the best in the business in adding value.

Southwest Greens offers over thirty grass products designed to suit your region and harmonize with your landscape. Year over year our turf will ensure that your business looks good. Our customers enjoy the benefits of significantly reduced water consumption, the elimination of fertilizer and pesticides, superior durability and drainage and a product that looks and feels real. 

Golf courses and golf practice facilities of all sizes have turned to Southwest Greens to aid with maintenance and water costs. All year long, our artificial greens and tee lines are aesthetically pleasing, requiring little maintenance and no water. Our synthetic golf turfs are endorsed by professional golfers and are installed in some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts in the world. 

We offer a variety of synthetic turf solutions that create a unique experience for all players. A new life for golf driving ranges. Give your range some relief by installing the latest generation of synthetic tee line turf by Southwest Greens. Constructed of our most durable, heavy-weight turf fiber and backing system, these tee lines create a solution that lowers maintenance cost yet provides a realistic hitting surface.  

Southwest Greens in partnership with Nicklaus Design has created professional-style putting courses, short game practice and a variety of resort putting amenities to choose from. Let Southwest Greens make your artificial golf greens a reality.


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