Tee up with Artificial Turf

Artificial turf, with its ever increasing popularity will not only endure a million swings of the club, but with its good looks and durability, possibly improve your game.   Artificial turf has long since been used on the putting greens of many golf courses and now you can find artificial turf at your local driving range, practice facilities and even in backyards.   The evolution of artificial turf has seen this product improve in strength and appeal.

Golf Course Applications

Maintaining many golf course elements would be next to impossible if it weren't for artificial turf. Quality artificial turf is developed to perform very close to professional grade natural golf grass. With all the quality that artificial turf provides, it truly mimics the real thing like never before.   Artificial turf can be used in many applications on the golf course. From the dreaded rough, to the glorious fairway, putting greens, fringe and tee lines.

Driving Ranges

Artificial turf can now be found well beyond the golf course. Proprietors of driving ranges have discovered the benefits of and cost saving aspects that come with installation and utilization of artificial turf. With all the wear and tear that tee lines and driving ranges experience in a season, natural grass can really take a beating and maintaining a natural green can be close to impossible. Rubber mats are common hitting surfaces at your local driving range but artificial turf is more versatile and durable, and last up to four times longer than rubber. Because artificial turf behaves like natural grass, players can use their own tee and acquire their own desired tee height. With natural grass, hitting boxes must be continually moved to ensure a quality hitting service. With artificial turf, you are guaranteed a perfect surface for every shot. Ultimately, maintaining natural grass is costlier than an artificial turf application. Nothing to water, weed, fertilize or cut.

Residential Application

If you're considering a putting green on your private property, you will want to explore what an artificial turf application can do for you. Consider the cost and the beauty of artificial turf. Whether you are looking to incorporate an artificial putting green into your existing lawn or are looking for a portable indoor green, it's important to do your research and compare quality and price. Advanced engineering partnered with quality materials, makes artificial turf a clear choice. With an artificial turf putting green on your property, a little golf isn't out of the question in the dead of winter. Just shovel and putt. What's good for the golf course is good for your home. Any artificial turf that can be applied to the professional golf course can be applied to your property. It can be seamlessly co-ordinated with your existing grass with a finished professional look.   Whether you're looking for 18 putting greens or just one, artificial turf can take your game to the next level while leaving your wallet in your pocket. Right where you like it.

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